BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks

Super Klasse! Da macht das Teilen Spaß

im Zuge der Zeit

„We’ve known for a long time that interactions during the first five years of life are critical to brain development, but a new machine at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Science (I-LABS), called MEG (a powerful brain imaging machine retrofitted specially for infants), now gives us the ability to see in real-time how connections are triggered and grow through every interaction a young child has. This new technology shows us so clearly how important a child’s environment and interactions are during these early years when the brain is most malleable.

The same can be said about the growth of the Internet. Compared with the human life cycle, the Internet is also in its metaphoric first five years when it is most malleable. Just like every interaction creates new connections in a child’s brain, every email, tweet, search or post is creating and strengthening connections in our…

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